Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cat Armour.

Today's blog post looks at the stunning work of artist, Jeff de Boer.
'Elven Princess' helmet - nickel, brass, leather and jade.

Jeff is a Calgary based artist whose career orginated in making suits of armour for people. Later, when studying at the Alberta College of Art and Design, he married his two interests in a sculpture project - by making a suit of cat armour.

The artist first draws the suit he has visualised. Then using sheet metal and jewellry makers tools he slowly bring the sketch to life, starting with the helmet and working backwards so every piece is in proportion.

Elven Princess Armour.

 Materials used to create one of these materpieces include; aluminium, brass, copper, nickel, silver, aluminium, jewels such as jade and textiles like leather.
Persian Cat Armour.
A suit of armour for a cat takes between 50 to 200 hours to make.
Samuria Siamese Armour.
Not content with the challenge of cat armour, Jeff also designs armour for mice - hence restoring some balance to the universe.

Sketch for Gladiator Mouse Armour.

To make a suit of silver mouse armour takes around 20 hours, and to polish it 10 hours.

Tournament Cat Armour.

I'm sure you will all agree that Jeff's work is utterly stunning both in execution and idea. Many thanks for Jeff de Boer and more of his work can be viewed at his website:


  1. I would love to see a little kitty in one of those:)

  2. Apparently Jeff did try and fit one onto his cat but got scratched to pieces! Few things would enhance a cat's looks but this might just be one of them - only because the armour is also regal and magnificent!


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