4* Amazon review from "Crazy4Books"
I thoroughly enjoy reading historical romances with handsome rogues and beautiful, strong heroines and this book, besides having a stunning cover, aims to please. The author creates wonderful, multi-dimensional characters who engage in a mad cap chase and leave the reader hopeful for a happily ever after conclusion. She paints beautiful, engaging scenes and her attention to details and vivid descriptions are cinematic, drawing you into the story and the lives of the characters with each page you turn. This is truly a fun, enchanting book that will captivate your romantic soul and leave you hungry for the next adventure.
Jan 2014

 What the reviewers are saying about "Eulogy's Secret."

“This book is absolutely captivating and the essence of romance. I was hooked from the first page and unable to put it down until the very end.” The Kindle Book Review.
“This is the first book I've read by Grace Elliot, but it definitely won't be my last.” The Romance Reviews.

“Wonderful, yummy, sweet, sexy... oh the list could go on and on. L.O.V.E.D. IT! It had my heart thumping and hands sweating” TJ –Goodreads review.

“Grace is a master at creating sexual tension.”  Felicia Rogers, author.

“…perfectly written sexual tension through out.” Lou, Lou Graham’s book blog.

“…a rollicking story of passion versus position and power.” Fiction Books.

" I knew when I needed a snack, this was going to be a good book." CC Reviews

"5 out of 5 stars with one more for being a beautiful writer." Dc Twerell

"Memorable and compelling. "Night Owl Romance 4/5 stars
"A rollicking story of passion versus power." Fiction Books 5/5

5th November 2011
The first review for "EULOGY'S SECRET"
That heart stopping moment when the first review for "Eulogy's Secret", my latest book came through...and the verdict?

A very respectable 4.5/5 from professional reviewer TJ (Affaire De Couer magazine)>>
This book is an absolute delight to read. Wonderful, yummy, sweet, sexy... oh the list could go on and on. Eulogy's determination combined with her compassion make her a heroine everyone falls in love with. She doesn't always make wise decisions and her innocence gets her into trouble more than once but through everything, her sincere desire to do right and stand tall makes her one of the most sympathetic heroines I have read in a long time.

11th September 2011.
5 stars from author, Karen Wayslowski. ('Darcy and Fitzwilliam.')
"A lovely read of romance and adventure, a book reminiscent of gentler times and better people. And romance. I love a strong hero who can display a soft side and then match him with a demur lady who can more than handle herself and you can't help but enjoy the result. And romance.  "      

18th April 2011
 5 STARS from Noelle at NIGHT OWL REVIEWS!!!

I honestly have to say that this story surprised me on nearly every turn. Just when I thought I had the storyline predicted that I knew what was going to happen next, Ms. Elliot changed it up on me, and it was wonderful! At first glance, this is a story that has been written a thousand times. Dissolute wastrel reformed by an innocent, spirited girl, skeletons in the closet keeping them from their ultimate happiness, but the bravery of our reformed hero saves the day. This story starts on that track, but then avoids predictability by doing the unexpected. I loved it!
Celeste and Ranulf were excellent characters. Ranulf is your typical society rake with a secret talent. On the surface, he is totally fixated on the fairer sex, but he is burdened with issues that truly show the depth of his character behind the mask. However, as we get to know him better, we are given glimpses into his past, and elements in his private life that show him to be a truly noble hero, even willing to sacrifice his own life to save the woman he loves. Celeste was his perfect match, a woman who was not afraid to take life by the horns and live it for all it was worth, but who had her own issues to deal with. Already burned by one society rake, she is reluctant to trust Ranulf or her attraction to him.
Our villain in this story also avoids the trap of predictability. On first glance, it seems to be a case of been there, read that, but surprise! It isn’t that way at all! Without giving away all the good parts, it was wonderful to read a story where the heroine tried to save the hero, but was sensible about it.
Will Celeste and Ranulf be able to work through their issues, or will the danger hovering in the background swallow their new love? Will Celeste realize that she can trust Ranulf with everything, even her tender heart? You will have fun finding out!

11th April 2011.
Mirella Patzer - author of 'The Blighted Troth' leaves a great comment.

3rd April 2011.
"Jamie's Bookshelf" - rates 'ADMD' 5/5.

I was thrilled to find this review posted over the weekend. If you love historical romance, or are in need of an engrossing, escapist book...then read on.


I found this historical romance to be a refreshing change of pace from all the YA I've been reading lately.  I haven't read many books that center around the Regency era but I did really enjoy this book.  I think for me the best part of the book was the "roller coaster" of emotions as well as twists and turns that took place through out the book.  Usually, I'm not one for "roller coasters" but I found this particular one to be of my liking, especially since it helped keep the book at a fast pace.

Our heroine Celeste, is sent away by her family after she refuses a suitor.  She's sent to live with Lady Sophia Cadnum at the Hazeldene House, where she is quite content to be Lady Sophia's companion if it means that she never has to marry.   Celeste don't want to be tied to a man and become his property...she's not interested in that in the least.  I saw Celeste as an independent woman for the time we are talking about.  But then Celeste meets Lady Sophia's son Lord Ranulf Charing and that's when the "roller coaster" ride really begins.

Lord Ranulf is known for being a seducer of women, a "one night Romeo" if you will.  But that's before he meets Celeste.  Once he meets Celeste things start to change.  He feels that Celeste challenges him and NO woman has ever challenged him before.  The more time that he spends in her company the more his feelings start to change.

But unfortunately there are many challenges that they must over come in order to get their chance at HEA. Oh, you know the basic stuff....He has to convince her that he's someone she'd want to be married to, she has to loosen up on the reigns when it comes to her opinion of love and marriage, then there's the blast from his past.

Overall, I thought that the book was EXCELLENT.  I thought that the characters were extremely well written and complementary to one another.  Writing wise I found the book to be crafted in a way that made you want to keep reading.  For me personally, I HAD to know what was going to happen next.  I would highly recommend this debut author to anyone who enjoys historical romance.  I will definitely be checking out more of Grace Elliot's books in the future!


24th February 2011.
"The Pen and Muse."

"This was a story that from start to finish drew you in and kept you wanting to know what happened next. Elliot’s certainly writes like she knows the time and will have you enthralled with it. There is love, intrigue, and certainly danger in this one. So get ready to be up all night reading this one ladies,"

To read the full review follow the link above!
5/5 romance for $2.99 - what have you to lose....except sleep!

21st February.
"The Life of a Bookaholic."
The bookaholics view

At first I did not know if I would like this book very much.
But gawd was I wrong about that. Shows once more looks can be decieving and
you should NEVER judge a book by it's cover!
I loved this book from page one to the very last page!
It's a wonderfull love story combined with loyalty and blackmail!
Ths story is not just a sappy love story filled with only craving and sex. No, it has more. And that is what made this book so good.
It's a well written book that shows you the story from different angles and different characters, that way you get the perfect view over the story.

18th February 2011
Suzette Stone (author.)

Grace Elliot’s debut novel, A Dead Man’s Debt, should come with a warning.  Once you start reading this brilliant historical romance novel, it is extremely difficult to put the book down.  The book contains all the right ingredients – blackmail, family secrets, passion – written with intelligence and attention to detail.  This book is extremely descriptive and as a reader you are really drawn in and whisked back in time to Regency England.

5th February 2011
5/5 and KEEPER status from 'My Book Addiction."

I would highly recommend this story especially if you enjoy a fast paced, action packed historical romance with twists and turns.
5 out of 5. A KEEPER.

31st January 2011

5 / 5 from "Fiction Books."

I was thrilled by this lovely review from Yvonne at "Fiction Books."

A creative, page-turning drama, a poignant story, characters totally engrossing in their complexity, with the distinctive essence of each easily discernible, sensual and evocative writing, from a great new author.
Worthy of:  5 out of 5 for a book in this genre.

11th January 2011.
5 out of 5 from 'ONCE UPON A CHAPTER.'

New review - just in:

"A Dead Man's Debt is historical romance at its best. With this novel, you will find a poignant story about an untrusting woman, a notorious rake and the love that brings them both to their knees. This is a novel that should not be missed! "

"Ultimately, the characters are delightful. You will not find two individuals who are more honest and truthful with one another. They both share a love of art, which brings them close together and exposes their feelings to one another. It is a refreshing change of pace from some historical romances where the silence of romantic feelings is upheld until the end. A Dead Man's Debt is also passionate. It is not blatantly sexy but a wonderful buildup of passion and sexual tension that true romance fans will love. Their attraction is about speaking volumes with a heated glance, or a simple brush of the hand. It is earth shattering, undeniable and will steal your breath away

If you have any appreciation for historical romance, you will not only enjoy this novel immensely, but will want to make a space for it on your keeper shelf! A Dead Man's Debt will charm you, surprise you, entertain you...and by the end, will warm your heart with the overall beauty of this story,"

Writing: 5/5
Interest: 5/5
Originality: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Pace: 4/5
Cover: 3/5

7th January 2011. ....
....COMPARED WITH GEORGETTE HEYER...A lovely mention at 'Fiction Books' where Yvonne writes about 'A Dead Man's Debt' in the same sentence as Georgette Heyer!! What a compliment! Oh for a fraction of her talent....

"This is set to be a rollicking good, period romantic saga, although the hints are there that some darker forces and undertones are just waiting in the wings.
First impressions are, that this is very like a  Georgette Heyer book, which can’t be bad for budding new British author Grace Elliot"

follow the link for the full article:

Top Pick and 5 / 5 for 'A Dead Man's Debt.'

View the entire review here:

Excerpt here:
Ms Elliot is a wonderful talent, indeed. Not only is her debut story well written, but she magically weaves a creative and intelligent story that will entertain you from the first page until the last. She is a skilled storyteller that fills her novels with page-turning drama and breathtaking sensuality. Grace Elliot is an author to remember where you will anticipate any and all future novels.

If you have any appreciation for historical romance, you will not only enjoy this novel immensely, but will want to make a space for it on your keeper shelf! A Dead Man¡¯s Debt will charm you, surprise you, entertain you...and by the end, will warm your heart with the overall beauty of this story.

Finding this lovely comment about "A Dead Man's Debt" made me smile today:

"Every once in a while I accidentally discover the work of an author I can't stop raving about. Grace Elliot is one such author. I just started reading my copy of A Dead Man's Debt by Grace Elliot. So far, I'm loving it! The prose is extremely beautiful and the descriptions so far have been nothing short of breathtakings! And there have been one or two scenes that brought out a belly laugh! I'm really excited about this one. As soon as I'm done, I'll be writing up a review! If you love historical romances, this is one book I highly recommend. I'm very excited about it."
Mirella Patzer. (The Blighted Troth)

(Amazon forum)