Friday, 13 August 2010

Casanova's Parrot.

Famous womaniser, writer and inventor of the lottery, Giacoma Casanova, travelled to London at the age of 37. He rented a house in Pall Mall and because his english was so poor, hired a manservant to translate for him. Casanova moved in esteemed social circles that included the king of the day George III.
However whilst in London a beautiful young Swiss woman, Charpillon, came to his attention. As their relationship grew Casanova even rented a plush house in Chelsea for Charpillon, her mother and several aunts. However things turned rapidly sour with Charpillon accusing Casanova of grievous bodily harm, a crime which potentially carried a life sentence.
Casanova was arrested, incarcerated at Newgate and called up before the blind magistrate Sir John Fielding (half brother of novellist Henry Fielding.) How the magistrate saw throughCharpillon's unjust accusation and Casanova was cleared.
This left Casanova chewing over how best to get revenge. The perfect solution came as he walked through a market and he saw a young parrot. He bought the bird and hung the cage by his bedside where dozens of times a day he would repeat the phrase:
'Charpillon is a bigger whore than her mother.'
The parrot was a quick learner and added his own finishing touch of cackling laughter after each repetition.
Casanova then sold the bird in high society, where several Lords who had had similiar misuse competed to buy the bird.
Casanova achieved his aim; Charpillon was shamed and the beauty of it was that a parrot cant be accussed of slander!

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