Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snow Joke - when you're a cat.

Snow Joke - when you're a cat.

Widget - coping with harsh weather conditions.

This week the UK struggled under an early dusting of snow. Needless to say my cats regarded their frozen garden with utter distaste, seeing it as their duty to pin down the sofa beneath a pile of cushions. Disappointingly, Widget turned down the opportunity of hunting, being camouflaged against the snow, in favor of a snooze on her radiator bed.

A cat’s love of heat and comfort reminded me of the story of a wager between the George IV, when Prince of Wales, and the eminent Georgian politician Charles James Fox.

Charles James Fox, 1782, by Joshua Reynolds.

The story goes that one broiling hot summer’s day, Fox and the Prince of Wales happened to find themselves walk together along St James’ Street, London. Sweltering in their wigs, coats and waistcoats, Fox suggested a wager to take Prinny’s mind off the uncomfortable heat.

Fox bet that he would see more cats on his side of the road, even if he allowed the Prince to  chose which side to walk on. Prinny readily agreed. But on reaching Piccadily it transpired that Fox had seen 13 cats and the Prince of Wales none.

Amazed by this seeming feat of magic, the Prince insisted on an explanation.
“Your Royal Highness,” Fox said, “chose of course, the shady side of the way as the most agreeable. I knew that the sunny side would be left for me, and that cats prefer the sunshine.”

Gillray cartoon of the Prince of Wales.


  1. Love it!
    Another cat person here.
    Glad I visited you Grace Elliot,
    and welcome you to my place.

  2. Brilliant! Your cat pictures are all cool. Care to pay me a visit?


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