Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Treasures in My Life....

Hello and welcome!
Today I'm taking part in the Blog-a-Licious blog tour on the theme of 'Treasures in My Life.'
Now I was tempted to post serious stuff about health, family and home...but hey...I thought I'd have a little fun instead, so here goes.


Anyone vaguely acquainted with me will appreciate that I'm nuts about cats. I love 'em, can't get enough of them! Cats are a miracle of creation: the way tabby-cat coats match on both sides, the detail where their whiskers are plumbed in, retractable claws and last but not least - the purr! What a great thing a purr is! So 'cats' are right up there with the treasures in my life: too valuable to put a price on.


OK, chocolate. Do I really need to explain? Chocolate is one of those wonderful delights that can be as essential as medicine. A treasure to me is something that enriches life...and chocolate does that all right!  (John Lennon in chocolate - made by my eldest son.)

COMPUTORS (...and OK, cats again!)

If treasure enriches life, then so does my laptop. I'm not in the least tekky, and yet I cant live without my computor; I write on my laptop and it's a portal to people and places that are dear to me. And yes, Widget sits beside me while I write, only I try not to get up too often because she pinches the warm spot.


This is a photo of the picture my son painted for his A level art exam. I've posted it because it represents creativity and the pleasure it brings. My eldest son's creative outlet is painting, my younger son's his is humour, mine is writing...but whichever and whatever, being able to express yourself is a jewel without price.


Not all treasures are valuable - take this bracelet as an example. It wasn't expensive but I love it none-the-less. I adore how it catches the light and shines the colours of the rainbow, like water trapped in jewel form, trivial really but it pleases me. I love other trivia to, such as historical trivia...but you'll know that already if you are a regular visitor to this blog.


It was a close run thing whether I posted a picture of books or my kindle! As an avid reader, books, be it DTB or electronic, are a way of life and I wouldnt be without one in my handbag or pocket. The world is a much richer place because of literature.


This may seem an odd chose as a 'treasure' but there's something about the sea that makes me feel good, in the same way that possessing something of great price does. For me there's a connection with the sea that can't be bought.


Last but not least...this is the view from the door of my local Indian Restaurant. I'd strolled there one evening to collect my carry out, turned round and saw this view with fresh eyes. Now if this isnt something to treasure, what is?

I'd love to hear about the treasures in your life...please share and leave a comment.

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  1. Lovely Blog, Grace and such gorgeous pictures. Love the top one. Does she do windows? I envy you, you have the best of two worlds as a writer AND a veterinarian. Animals and books.

  2. You certainly have a lot to be thankful for, Grace. I'm 100% with you on the same treasures I have or follow, being cats, chocolate, computers, books, and the sea. The irony for me is that both blogs bracketing me talk about cats. I posted a tribute on my blog to my cat who died suddenly last month. But this month it's all about treasures, and mine are the people I've met online.

  3. Hi Grace. I'm over from the blog hop. Really enjoyed your post. I love the way you described that bracelet as 'like water trapped in jewel form' - Lovely. Great to be on the tour with you (again) :)

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments, I'm off to hop round the blogs just now....
    Grace x

  5. Hi, Grace; Thanks for hopping over to my blog to talk about chocolate frogs - ha, ha :)
    First, your son did an amazing job on that chocolate Beatle!
    Second, where is that amazing path? That looks like the most perfect walk I can imagine.

  6. Hi Grace - we've definitely got some crossover: cats, chocolate and books for certain! Your cat pics are lovely.


  7. Thank you David!
    Shelley - it is the most amazing walk! It called 'The Duver' and is on the Isle of Wight. It's my most favourite place in the world! The path is across St Helens harbour which is tidal; at high tide the path is ALMOST covered, at low tide you see the sandy sea bed on either side. There's a bird sanctuary on one side and beautiful rolling hills on the other....sigh! Oh to be there now!

  8. Hi Grace - stopping by on the tour (I'm #9). So cool to see the many different treasures in your life. Creativity and chocolate are two of my favs! Thanks for taking the time to share. Here's wishing you a wonderful week!


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