Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Angels on the Isle of Wight

Happy Christmas!
This year I'm fortunate to be spending Christmas on the Isle of Wight.
Despite the awful winds and rain we went for a walk round the village and discovered a flock of Christmas angels. To raise money for the local nursery, businesses have erected angels (many life-sized -or should I say out-sized since no one knows how big angels are). So for your Christmas edification  I bring you the angels of St Helens.
This angel is made from milk cartons!
The angel outside the Vine Inn 
A short walk away on the village green is a driftwood angel - made from pieces of reclaimed wood bolted together.

The driftwood angel.
In front of a cottage overlooking the green was a 'garden angel' -that looks beautiful both night and day.

OK,  this next one is rather creepy - it put me in mind of a creature from Doctor Who, especially as it takes a while to be certain its not a real person but a model.
Sporting real feather wings -sadly a little the worse for wear,
after the stormy conditions.

This chap outside the local restaurant is less threatening.

And these happy fellows...

So there we are! A very happy Christmas to you all.
Grace x
PS This fishing village was once a haven for smugglers and the inspiration behind 'Hope's Betrayal'.

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