Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2013

This New Year's Eve I'd like to wish all visitors to my blog a happy and healthy 2014.
As 2013 draws to an end it seems appropriate to recap on the year gone by - and see which posts had the most views.
So - in reverse order, the 10 most viewed blog posts here on 'Fall in Love with History.'
Is there a post that sticks in your mind?
If so, it would be great if you'd leave a comment and share which posts appeal to you and why.
Grace x

PS - Click the photo for a link to the post.

#10 - Cats and the Possessed

Widget - summer 2013
#9 - Tower of London: Polar Bears in the Thames

January 2013 I visited the Tower of London

#8 - Bizarre Tudor Deaths

The memorial at the Tower of London to those executed there (including Anne Boleyn)
#7 - How Many Wives did Henry VIII have?

The wooden likeness of Henry VIII, once used to display his armour at the Tower of London's 'Line of Kings' exhibition
#6 Kensington Palace: At Home with the King

The statue of Queen Victoria outside Kensington Palace
#5 - Miraculously Improbable: The Crystal Palace

The Great Exhibition -1851, the Crystal Palace
#4 - Dog and Cat Diaries

Widget has her own way of coping with stress
#3 - Exit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits

It turns out Napoleon was bested by rabbits...
#2 - London Bridge Legends

The Tower of London on the left and Tower Bridge (yes, I know - not London Bridge) on the right
#1 - Cats Eyes: Seeing is Believing

For the second year running, a piece about reflective road studs is the most viewed post!
Here's to 2014!
G x

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