Sunday, 13 September 2015

Some Favorite Cat Memes

Many apologies, but for reasons too complex to go into, I'm running way behind this week. Rather than leave a blank space (cue for a Taylor Swift song?) I've posted a few of my favorite cat memes to make you smile.

Normal service will be resumed in two weeks time.
Grace xxx

There's this one...

and this aspirational cat meme...
and sinister is always funny - especially when the cat comes off best
Then there's the way cats have life so sorted...
and this one reminds me of Widget - only in her case she wanted to taste the guinea pig food...
Then there are the cats that comment on the state of society
and the cats with a keen sense of observation
and not forgetting their sense of irony...
their unrivaled cuteness
and this...
That's quite a lot of favorites isn't it....and I haven't even scratched the surface.
Night all,
sleep well.
G x

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