Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Would You Credit It? - Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts.

It's New Year and I'm feeling a little lazy, so I decided to investigate the most viewed posts on my blog.
The results left me speechless!
Who'd have believed that the number one most popular post is about....ahem....well you'll have to scroll down to find out. Needless to say, I have NO idea why this niche topic has proved so constitantly popular with over 32,000 hits!
Anyhow, here is a run down of the most viewed posts on my blog.
Enjoy!  (PS - Click on the links to read the actual post.)

Number 10
"Kensington Palace - At Home With the King."

Queen Victoria's statue with Kensington Palace in the background.
A personal take on a royal palace.

Number 9
"The Canary Isles - Going To The Dogs."

Canary Dogs.
It turns out the 'canary' part of the Canary Isles - isn't really to do with birds at all!

Number 8
"Dog and Cat Diaries"

The secret diary of a dog and cat - beautifully highlighting the difference between the species.

Number 7
"Cats and The Possessed"

Proof that cats are agents of paranormal forces.

Number 6
"How Many Wives Did Henry VIII Have?"

Holbein's portrait of Anne of Cleves.
Henry's fourth wife....or was she?
You may think the answer is obvious, but this post is a bit of a tease.

Number 5
"Bizarre Tudor Deaths."

The title says it all: Strange ways people met their demise, in Tudor times.

Number 4
"Miraculously Improbable - The Crystal Palace."

The interior of Crystal Palace.

What links Crystal Palace and Christmas cards? Read this post to find the answer.

Number 3
"London Bridge Legends"

A post inspired by my poor sense of direction.

Number 2
"Exit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits."

The true story of an Emperor's fear of small, fluffy bunnies...

Number 1
"Cats Eyes - Seeing is Believing" -
Would you credit it? The MOST viewed post ever on my blog, with over 32,000 hits since it was first posted!

A post about, ahem, cats eyes - those reflective studs in the road!
Truly, if you have any idea why this post should generate such sustained interest ( averages around 600 hits a week) then do please leave a comment and enlighten me - because I have no idea.

A very happy 2013 to you all!
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  1. Phnark! I can't tell you why cat's eyes are of such interest to your readers but I can tell you that the old style ones used to wear out and eventually, the glass bit inside them would fly out, at speed, when a car drove over them. Apparently at one time there were 3 or 4 road deaths every year in Britain caused by cat's eyes.

    Now I'll look this up and discover it's an urban myth!



  2. Oh my, that is interesting, MTM.
    Do let us know one way or the other if you find it is/ isnt an urban myth.
    Personal observation would suggest they get gummed up by road dirt - the sheer volume of modern traffic seems to overwhelm the pop-up-and-down mechanism - either that or the roads aren't maintained like they used to be (Ho hum, I'm sounding like a grumpy old woman now.)
    Thank you so much for visiting,
    much appreciated,
    Grace x

  3. Good Morning Grace,
    I love the cat photos. Those green eyes are something else, but I think that London Bridge is the cutest.:)

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