Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Crackers - a happy Christmas to you!

Some feline chuckles for you this festive season.
An indulgent post of my favourite Cheezburger cat pics.
Which is your favourite?

Don't you just love that expression?

Maintaining dignity under difficult conditions.

Says it all, really.

So precious!

A bit more subtle this one - but worth thinking it through.

OK, hands up, this is my favourite - although it's a close rung
thing with the picture below.
For you Star Wars fans.
Actually, this is pretty high on my 'like' list -
especially as I'm a vet.

A bit of motivation for that post Christams diet.

So - which is your favourite?


  1. The cats are great! That last one was really the best. I had a cat over 25 years ago( 2 dogs now), just like that- but she had a tumor that literally sprung up up over night and had to put her to sleep. Independant, but such a lover. I won your book on Romance Reviews , I'm just waiting for it. I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh, Suzanne, thank you for leaving a comment. Sorry to hear about your poorly cat, always such a shock when things happen suddenly - no time to come to terms with the loss.
      On a different note, I'm sorry your Romance Review prize hasn't got to you. If you email me at grace[dot]elliot[at]virginmedia[dot]com - I'll get that put right straight away.
      kindest regards,
      Grace x

  2. Love the innocent look one..

    1. He is rather special, isn't he? It's his whole body language - so sweet!
      G x

  3. well, the pictures here speak for themselves. when someone uses the term slaughter in describing an adventure it always jolts me to read among the lines. I am a lover of the out door and I consider there is no better way of doing it than in a jeep. whichever brand you ride in, the adventure is bound to be great. thank God you made it back safe and sound. adventure sport nq.


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