Saturday, 1 February 2014

Release day news...The Ringmaster's Daughter

Now available!
1770’s London
The ringmaster’s daughter, Henrietta Hart, was born and raised around the stables of Foxhall  Gardens. Now her father is gravely ill, and their livelihood in danger. The Harts' only hope is to convince Foxhall’s new manager, Mr Wolfson, to let Hetty wield the ringmaster’s whip. Hetty finds herself drawn to the arrogant Wolfson but, despite their mutual attraction, he gives her an ultimatum: entertain as never before – or leave Foxhall.
When the winsome Hetty defies society and performs in breeches, Wolfson’s stony heart is in danger. Loath as he is to admit it, Hetty has a way with horses…and men. Her audacity and determination awaken emotions long since suppressed. 
           But Hetty’s success in the ring threatens her future when she attracts the eye of the lascivious Lord Fordyce. The duke is determined, by fair means or foul, to possess Hetty as his mistress – and, as Wolfson’s feelings for Henrietta grow, disaster looms.

LAUNCH PARTY!! at 'virtual' Kensington Palace
You are cordially invited to join the celebration at the launch party for The Ringmaster's Daughter.
There are a ton of ebook to be given away from 8 authors of historical romance and historical fiction.
To join the party click here:
Saturday 1st February 1 - 6pm EST (6 - 11pm UK time) 
Hope to see you there!
Just got to a juicy bit...

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  1. Congrats on your new release, Grace!! It sounds like another great read! ;)

    I tried the party link and it doesn't seem to be working.


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