Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Whistler's Poodle and the Eminent Surgeon.

'Whistler's Mother.'
American born, British based artist, James Abbott Whistler (1834 - 1903) famed for paintings such as ‘Arrangement in Grey and Black, the Artist’s Mother’ (yes, the picture in the first Mr. Bean movie!) and Old Battersea Bridge, was an animal lover. Whistler owned a tortoiseshell cat, but his favorite pet was actually his French poodle.

            One day the poodle was taken ill and in a panic Whistler called out an eminent ENT surgeon of the day. Arriving at Whistler’s address, the distinguished doctor was horrified to find the patient wasn’t human but canine! Begrudgingly he examined the animal and prescribed a course of treatment.
            But the next day the doctor got his revenge when he sent Whistler an urgent summons. Thinking it was news of his favorite dog’s condition the great artist dropped everything and hurried over. He was greeted warmly by the doctor with the words;
            ‘Ah good morning Mr. Whistler, so good of you to call so promptly. I needed to see you urgently about the repainting my front door.’

'Study in White' by Whistler

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