Tuesday, 9 July 2013

OUT NOW - Verity's Lie

Win a $30 Amazon voucher (or UK equivalent) see the end of this post for more details

Verity's Lie  - #3 The Huntley Trilogy

Charles Huntley, Lord Ryevale, infamous rogue…and government agent.

In unsettled times, with England at war with France, Ryevale is assigned to covertly protect a politician’s daughter, Miss Verity Verrinder. To keep Verity under his watchful eye, Ryevale plots a campaign of seduction that no woman can resist– except it seems, Miss Verrinder. In order to gain her trust Ryevale enters Verity’s world of charity meetings and bookshops…where the unexpected happens and he falls in love with his charge.

When Lord Ryevale turns his bone-melting charms on her, Verity questions his lordship’s motivation. But with her controlling father abroad, Verity wishes to explore London and reluctantly accepts Ryevale’s companionship. As the compelling attraction between them strengthens, Verity is shattered to learn her instincts are correct after all – and Ryevale is not what he seems. If Lord Ryevale can lie, so can she… with disastrous consequences.
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For a limited time both 'Eulogy's Secret' and 'Hope's Betrayal' are just 99 cents each.


Win a $30 Amazon voucher (or UK equivalent)
From Verity’s Lie take the first letter of the first word from each of the following chapters:

Chapter 4
Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 17

Rearrange these 4 letters to make a new word.  Don’t forget you can use the ‘Go to’ link on your kindle to help you search!
To enter, please email your answer (the 4 letter word) to grace.elliot@virginmedia.com

Put “VL Competition” as the title of your email.
The winner will be contacted via email on 31 July 2013 and the winner’s name posted on Grace’s blog: Fall in Love with History

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