Sunday, 17 April 2011

More Smiles.

Part 2 / 2  - Pictures to make you smile.

See you again on Wednesday for my next post.
Grace x


  1. Hi,

    Fun images!

    In case you miss it, I've commented on book review post.

    I'm one of those authors trying to break back into publishing after several novels to my name, and a serious riding accident that put paid to writing for awhile. Due to present publishing climate I'm finding it's no easier to break back in than when first giving it a go. That said, I love watching other authors succeed and in turn for their hard work getting great reviews! ;)


  2. Thank you for your comment Francince. Sorry to hear about your accident - a good friend of mine has horses and had to be helicoptered to hospital after a fall once. Fortunately she is fine now.
    Best of luck with your writing - I hope you find success again soon. What genre do you write?
    kind regards, Grace x

  3. Hi,

    Yep, horses do have their unpredictable moments!

    I write contemporary and historical romances: the latter my favourite sub genre. Hence interest in historical writers. ;)



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