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10 Questions: Hope Tyler of "Hope's Betrayal"

Today's blog post is by way of a game - passed to me by Deborah Swift, author of, The Gilded Lily. In turn I pass it on to author, Maria Grace (see previous post to learn more about the Ms Grace's work)

10 questions - Hope Tyler of 'Hope's Betrayal'

Favorite Colour:
Hope's favorite colour is the opalescent green-blue of the sea on a sunny day.
The coast of the Isle of Wight - a view Hope would
have been familiar with.
Favorite Animal:
Hope has known hunger and deprivation and therefore has a practical attitude to animals. That said, she is very fond of Jasper, Lady Constance's spaniel, especially as he brought help when she had been kidnapped.
Jasper is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Photo courtesy of Trisha Spears.(click for link)
Favorite Number:

Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink:
Tea. Hope has smuggled all manner of illicit substances into the country, anything from coffee to lace, and tobacco to tea. Of those that she tried, tea is by far away her favorite.

Hogarth print of ladies taking tea.
Tea was highly taxed and so many consumers drank contraband leaves.
Facebook or Twitter?
Hope is a woman of action and would enjoy Twitter on so many levels. Undoubtedly, she would have a network of fellow smugglers who would keep each other informed of the latest movements of the Revenue Officers. Also, she is not a woman to waste words and would appreciate the brevity of the messages.

Her Passion:
Justice.  Hope lives in a world of social inequality, where the rich can openly drink the tea she has smuggled, but she could hang for supplying them. Hope does not want to break the law, but grinding poverty means that to feed her family she has no choice.
The penalty if caught smuggling were harsh.
Giving or getting presents:
Hope has an open heart and a generous spirit - she loves to give and is embarrassed to receive.

Favorite Day:
Hope has learnt to take pleasure in the small things in life. Her favorite day would be warm, with the sun glinting off the sea and plentiful fish to be caught.

Favorite Flowers:
A carpet of woodland bluebells.
Photo courtesy of Keith Hulbert
(click for link)
Favourite Book:
Hope rarely has the time to read, but if she did, she'd appreciate the irony and humour of Ms. Austen's novels.
Click for link.
This game was passed to me by Deborah Swift and I am passing it on to Maria Grace.
I hope you have enjoyed this insight into Hope's character!
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